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How long does the journal last?

Posted by Francesca Geens on

HappySelf Junior Edition

The journal has three months of daily journaling pages and a section at the front they can fill out at any time. Children are encouraged to fill out their journal every day but as the pages aren't dated it is possible to do it at your own rhythm and easy to keep going should you miss a day.

Three months is an ideal length as it's similar to a school term and so feels achievable for the children to establish their new daily journaling habit. When testing the kids preferred this length and a longer book would have been too bulky or heavy for small hands.

Continuation editions (which last for six months) will be coming out from mid 2020 but for now children are repeating the same journal on completion which is a nice way to reinforce the gratitude practice and growth mindset principles.

HappySelf Journal 12+ Edition

This journal also has three months of daily journaling pages and a section that can be filled out at any time at the front. It also introduces a weekly structure with pages to preview and review the week.

This journal has more space for free journaling on the daily pages.